Novare Res Bier Cafe

Novare Res Bier Café
4 Canal Plaza, Suite 1
Portland, ME 04101

207 761 2437

Monday - Thursday 4-1
Friday 3-1
Saturday & Sunday 12-1

Burial/TRVE/Holy Mountain – Thursday July 18th


An insane draught and bottle line-up from Burial Beer Co., TRVE Brewing, Holy Mountain Brewing & Oxbow Blending & Bottling. Blacksmith Lucas Damen from Hammer Forge Creations will be here forging personalized metal bottle openers live!

Beer List so far:

-Burial Innertube
-Burial Deathstalker
-Burial Fall of the Damned
-Burial Ascent of the Blessed
-Burial Those Who Made It Out
-Burial Surf Wax
-Burial/Alvarado Street The Endless Suffer
-Burial A Portal Towards Nonexistence
-Burial The Fall of the Rebel Angels ’19
-Burial The Separation of Light and Darkness (on peaches)
-Burial Seasoned Skillet
-Holy Mountain Hell to Zion
-Holy Mountain Second Death
-Holy Mountain/Highland Park Spaceman Bob
-Holy Mountain Bonne Nuit ’18
-Holy Mountain The Goat
-Holy Mountain New Jerusalem
-Holy Mountain Demonteller
-Holy Mountain Unburied
-Holy Mountain Bourbon Barrel-Aged Kings Head ’19
-Holy Mountain/Oxbow High Priestess CASK
-Holy Mountain Deadfall
-Holy Mountain Midnight Still
-Holy Mountain Sacrament – Carmenere
-Holy Mountain Planetary Disciples
-TRVE Scorn
-TRVE Jewel Throne
-TRVE Spirit Ritual
-TRVE Starving Gods of Old
-TRVE Cosmic Crypt
-TRVE/Great Notion Dying Light
-TRVE Novae
-TRVE Ageless Fire
-TRVE Axioma
-TRVE In Waves of Golden Light