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Welcome to Novare Res Bier Café.  A bar inspired by many people, places and experiences. Novare Res means "to start a revolution" in Latin, and was chosen after repeated discussions with people of all walks of life who have felt the need for a revolution in some form or another. We all wanted a place where people could commune and conceive of a better future, with passion and determination. After spending time abroad tracking down great fermented beverages in places like Japan, U.K., Spain, Italy, Belgium, and Germany, and working in other highly regarded beer bars, we discovered an avenue in which to bring that hope and inspiration to life in a tangible way. Though we are not overthrowing any governments or wielding any pitchforks, we hope to bring a new perspective to at least one of your senses...

At Novare Res we are not trying to emulate any one culture of beer drinking or serving. We have taken bits and pieces from some of our favorite bars, restaurants, and brewpubs from both near and far, and created a space we want to hang out in. We are not trying to be a British pub. We do have a couple of dartboards, a couple of traditional hand-pumps for serving cask beer, and a couple of pretty nice brews from the motherland. We are not trying to be a German bier garten. We do have light colored, European beech wood tables and bar tops much like that traditionally found in the Franconia region of southern Germany, a large outdoor patio, and a handful of well-crafted biers from Deutschland. We are not trying to be a Belgian biere café. We do have an extensive collection of glassware appropriate for each style we pour, serve a simple food menu highlighting meats and cheeses, and can lean heavily towards Belgian-style biere. We are trying to be a good beer bar...

When you spend time at Novare Res you will soon notice that it is a family establishment. We physically built out this space with our family members and friends. Our daughter learned to walk here; you might see her running around asking to be chased by one of the staff, or learning to pour her parents a beer. Babies are welcome to sit on the bar in their carriers while their parents enjoy a beer. This family extends to everyone who works here and furthermore, to you, the patron. We want you to feel comfortable here just as we are.
Please enjoy to the fullest.

Cheers, Prost, Salud, Kampai!

Eric and Julie Michaud, and the Novare Res Staff

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Ours is a beer drinking revolution, with the passion for change being channeled through the amazing array of beer that you will find within our menu. We strive to serve what we feel are the best beers legally available to us in the state of Maine combined with the determination to try to support the small craft movement all over the world. We understand that taste is subjective, and everyone has an opinion about "good beer" and "best beer", but our menu represents our opinion. If you feel our menu is missing something great, it may not be available to us in Maine, it may be too available in Maine, or we may just have differing opinions. However, we do hope that you can find a selection that we both agree is great...

We will always strive to be a better beer bar and in this our beer quest goes unfinished. We continue to search for and try new brews. We continue to travel the U.S. and abroad visiting breweries and brewpubs to expand our palates and our knowledge. We continue to meet many amazing people in the industry along the way (owners, brewers, employees) and have made some important connections, which give us a great understanding and appreciation of our offerings. Please don't hesitate to ask questions...


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