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Updated:  November 21, 2015


Chips & French Onion Dip
Creamy house-made French onion dip with kettle chips… $5 

Fancy “Slim Jim”
Landjäger, a smoked German beef sausage, oooohhh yeeaaaah… $5.50

Citrus Cured Olives and Nuts
Silician blended olives cured with citrus zest and a side salted nuts… $6

Mixte Plate
Traditional Belgian bier café snack, cubed salami and young cheese served with spicy mustard… $8

Bavarian Pretzel
Griddled with butter and hop salt, bier cheese or maple mustard …single $4.50 double… $8

Small Plates

French Onion Soup
Caramelized onion beef broth soup with melted gruyere crouton … $7

Crab Rangoon Grilled Cheese
Fresh crab & cream cheese on grilled Pullman bread w/ spicy duck sauce… $10    

Arugula Salad
with roasted squash, chevre, mushroom pâté crostini and cider vinaigrette… $9

Chinese BBQ Tacos
Char siu pork with purple cabbage slaw and pickled jalapeno on a flour tortilla… $8

All sandwiches served on Southside Bakery bread with Morse’s pickles and choice of a side

Spring Sandwich Rosemary ham, garlic onion jam, Cotswold cheese, baby lettuce and balsamic… $11

Turkey Panino Pressed with apple butter, Gouda and baby arugula… $11

Bàhn Mí Roasted ham and duck liver mousse with cilantro and fresh vegetables… $12

Vegan Bàhn Mí Marinated tofu and mushroom pâté with cilantro and fresh vegetables … $12

Drunken French Dip Sandwich Roast beef with herb cheese spread and beer au jus dipper … $12

Pumpkin Coconut Curry Bowl with baby bok choy over arugula with sticky rice GF… $12

Bierwurst Plate Half pound of sausage w/ Morse’s sauerkraut, spicy mustard & toasted Maine rye bread… $14

Meat & Cheese
One ounce portions served with bread and garnish $4.50

Herb Roasted Ham – ITA

delicate,perfumed, soft and highly aromatic.


Trufa Seca- NY

Dried heritage pork sausage with black truffle and sea salt


Chorizo – SPA

Dry cured Iberico pork with paprika, complex and meaty


Prosciutto Rossa – MO

Heirloom Berkshire pork nutty and complex with caramel finish


Duck Liver mousse with port wine- NY

All natural and artisanal, smooth and decadent


Rosette de Lyon –NY

Traditional coarse ground salami with hints of red wine and clove


Consider Bardwell Farms “Pawlet”-VT

Soft Raw cow’s milk with hints of fruit and wine


Lamb Chopper –NLD

Mild sheep’s cheese with a buttery nutty flavor and soft texture


Nocetto di Capra – ITL

Soft ripened goat’s milk velvety texture

with notes of nuts and mushroom


Robiola Bosina –ITL

Blend of cow and sheep’s milk mild and sweet

with a bloomy rind


3 Year Honey Waxed Gouda -NLD

Crunchy cow’s milk with rich caramel flavor


Neal’s Yard Shropshire Blue –ENG

Pasteurized cow’s milk creamy and savory with

a mild spicy flavor




Belgian Waffle Raised dough with pearl sugar, rotating preparation…$8 … A la mode +$2

Belgian Chocolate Mousse Airy mousse topped with whipped cream & crispies…$8


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